4 October 2021

We're starting to build the missing link in Melbourne's freeway network.

Builders are getting ready to start the mammoth task of moving above and underground services as part of early works for North East Link.

CPB Contractors are leading the early works program and will be moving power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications services out of the way so major construction work can start from 2021.

This fact sheet outlines key early works in and around Melbourne's north-east and answers some of the most common questions about the upcoming works.

Project timeline

Early 2020

  • planning approvals received

Mid 2020

  • early works start

Mid 2021

  • major construction works start


  • North East Link opens to traffic

Northern utility relocation works

1. Utility relocation works near Borlase Reserve, Yallambie

Mid 2020 – late 2020

Above and below ground power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications lines will be moved.

A site compound will be set up in Borlase Reserve while the utilities are being moved. It will contain offices, sheds, parking for construction workers and equipment.

2. Water pressure reducing station, Yallambie

Mid 2020 – late 2020

The water pressure reducing station on the corner of Borlase and Drysdale streets will be moved to a new site next to the Melbourne Water easement at Coleen Street, Yallambie.

The new water pressure reducing station will connect to existing water mains, have a new site layout with an acoustic shed to protect residents from noise, secure fencing and include improved safety features and access points.

The external design of the station will follow the North East Link Urban Design Strategy.

3. Banyule Creek temporary diversion, Yallambie

Mid 2020 – early 2021

Banyule Creek north of Lower Plenty Road will be temporarily diverted to keep it flowing while North East Link gets built.

Approximately 350m of the creek will be temporarily diverted between Blamey Road and Lower Plenty Road. When North East Link is complete, we intend to restore this section of Banyule Creek back to a natural water course in line with the project’s Urban Design Strategy.

4. Power substation near Blamey Road, Yallambie

Early 2021 – early 2022

A power substation is proposed to be built south of Blamey Road on the Simpson Barracks side of Greensborough Road.

The substation will house electrical infrastructure needed to supply power to the tunnel boring machines during construction, and the twin road tunnels when North East Link opens to traffic.

The external design of the substation will follow the North East Link Urban Design Strategy.

5. Utility relocation works, Greensborough Road

Mid 2020 – early 2021

New gas, power and telecommunications lines will replace existing services along the length of Greensborough Road.

Between Lower Plenty Road and Watsonia Road, underground services will be shifted in stages to the western side of Greensborough Road. To ensure the safety of road users and work crews, works will happen overnight with the road open to traffic during the day.

Further north, above and below ground services between Nepean Street and Santon Street will also be moved.

6. High-voltage transmission towers, Watsonia Station carpark

Early 2021 – mid 2021

Two high-voltage transmission towers in Watsonia Station carpark will be moved around 80m to the eastern side of Greensborough Road.

To help fast track construction and minimise disruptions, the existing towers will stay in place while the new towers are built. There will be no disruption to power supply during these works and train services on the Hurstbridge line are unlikely to be affected.

7. Mobile telecommunications tower and cable laying works, Watsonia

Mid 2020 – early 2021

A mobile telecommunications tower in the Watsonia Station carpark will be moved and new supply cable laid in Watsonia.

The tower will move a short distance from its current location and remain in the Watsonia Station carpark near the railway trench. Cable laying works will take place on Nell Street West, Ibbottson Street, Watsonia Road and through the Watsonia Station carpark.

8. Mobile telecommunications tower and utility relocation works, Greensborough Highway and M80 Ring Road

Late 2020 – early 2021

A mobile telecommunications tower will be moved and several underground utilities will be realigned along Greensborough Highway and M80 Ring Road.

The tower will move a short distance from its current location north of the M80 Ring Road intersection.

Underground utilities will be moved or protected where they cross the roadway, including a watermain in the Maroondah Aqueduct, power lines north of Sellars Street and telecommunications lines near Macorna Street, Yando Street and Boyd Street.

Who else we are working with

Early works managing contractor CPB Contractors is working with a range of asset owners to deliver these works including APA Group, AusNet, Jemena, Melbourne Water, Optus, Telstra, Yarra Valley Water.

Please note timings are indicative only and subject to change as construction progresses.

Questions and Answers

Will utility relocations affect supply to my property?

Access to utility services will largely continue as normal during construction. While works are finalised in some areas there may be brief periods of disruption, however we will notify affected properties well in advance of this happening.

How do you move underground services?

Typically, a trench is excavated along the new alignment and new lines are installed. When completed, the new line is tested and ‘tied-in’ with the surrounding network. Old lines are removed as required.

Will you close Greensborough Road?

No, it is expected that Greensborough Road will remain open during early works, however drivers will notice changed traffic conditions.

Most of the works on Greensborough Road will be completed at night, when the road is less busy. Drivers should allow for extra travel time, as some delays are expected.

Will works on Greensborough Road be disruptive for nearby residents?

Different areas will be affected at different times as work gradually moves along Greensborough Road between Lower Plenty Road to Watsonia Road. Environmental Performance Requirements will limit construction impacts during the works.

We'll keep residents up to date about what works are planned in their area and how disruptions will be managed.

How will the relocated water pressure reducing station on Coleen Street affect me?

Water pressure reducing stations are common throughout Melbourne and should have minimal effects on nearby residents. The new site will comply with EPA Victoria noise guidelines.

How did you choose the location for the water pressure reducing station?

The new site meets several important requirements, such as good connections with nearby water pipelines and provides easy access for maintenance crews.

Will realigning Banyule Creek increase the chance of flooding?

No. The risk of flooding while the creek is diverted will be no greater than existing conditions.

What is the new substation near Blamey Road for?

The new substation will power the tunnel boring machines during construction and once North East Link opens to traffic. Similar substations are about 50m long.

Can the powerlines at Watsonia Station be moved underground?

There is not enough room to put the power lines underground without acquiring properties.

Will I be affected by electromagnetic energy from the new substation or relocated towers?

Powerlines and substations are common throughout Melbourne and electromagnetic energy levels have not been shown to cause any adverse health effects.

What is the Urban Design Strategy for North East Link?

The Urban Design Strategy for North East Link outlines the vision and quality expectations for all elements of the project – including how final detailed designs should look and feel.