1 June 2020

We’re starting to build the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network.

North East Link will finally fix the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network. It will slash travel times between the M80 Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway by up to 35 minutes, take 15,000 trucks off local roads a day, and give local roads back to local communities.

The project will deliver a massive upgrade to the Eastern Freeway, Melbourne’s first dedicated busway and more than 25km of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths.

Builders are starting the mammoth task of moving around 100 above and underground services out of the way of North East Link so major works can start from 2021.

More than 18 months of extensive site investigations in and around Borlase Reserve have helped identify power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications services that need to be moved regardless of the final design for North East Link.

Moving these large utilities at Borlase Reserve is a challenging area of the project, including working close to homes.

We're working closely with early works managing contractor CPB Contractors and residents to minimise disruptions as much as possible.

Service relocations in Borlase Reserve area

Construction stages

Indicative service relocation design subject to change as construction progresses

Early 2020

  • Site compound – set up within Borlase Reserve

Early to mid 2020

  • Sewer (300mm) – pipe-laying beneath eastern traffic lane
  • Small services – install new power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunications lines beneath eastern footpath

Mid to late 2020

  • Large watermain (1.7m) – pipe-laying beneath western traffic lane
  • Medium watermain (600mm) – pipe-laying beneath western footpath
  • Small watermain (375mm) – pipe-laying on edge of Borlase Reserve
  • Banyule Creek temporary diversion – install drain on edge of Borlase Reserve

Late 2020

  • Restore Borlase Street – laying new asphalt and footpaths

Changes to local road access

At different stages of construction Borlase Street and the intersection with Drysdale Street will be closed to traffic.

We are working closely with CPB Contractors to find alternate access for local vehicles during these times.

Access could be provided by temporarily reconnecting Borlase Street and Drysdale Street to Lower Plenty Road.

This would be a ‘left-in/left-out’ arrangement under the guidance of traffic controllers and only while road closures are in effect.

Nearby bus stops on Lower Plenty Road would move a short distance to allow for these temporary reconnections.

Any changes to local roads will be subject to approval from Banyule Council, VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria.

Preparing the area for construction

A site compound will be set up within Borlase Reserve for the duration of the early works. It will contain sheds, parking for workers and equipment to support construction.

Site compounds are the first step in any construction project and provide a safe and efficient environment for workers. To ensure the safety of the local community, Borlase Reserve will not be publicly accessible during construction.

Some trees will need to be removed in the Borlase Reserve area to deliver these works. All tree removals would be carried out to strict requirements and only when shown to be unavoidable.

We are committed to minimising impacts on communities and the environment. For every tree removed to build North East Link, two will be planted ensuring a net gain in canopy cover by 2045. By the time construction is finished, more trees will have been planted than removed.

Supporting residents during construction

The project team, together with CPB contractors, is already working closely with affected residents near Borlase Reserve and will keep working with them throughout construction. This includes talking about options for relocation.

Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained, and utility services will largely continue as normal. Vehicle access to Borlase Street will be restricted and CPB Contractors are working to provide alternative parking arrangements for residents nearby, including a shuttle service.

We appreciate the significant time and effort residents have invested in the process so far, and will continue to engage with them each step of the way.