1 April 2021

Sewer works for North East Link

We're moving around 100 above and underground services such as power, water, gas, sewerage and telecommunications to make way for North East Link.

As part of these works, we're moving a vital piece of Melbourne's sewer network, the Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS), to prepare for major construction in late 2021.

Three mini Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) will dig 1.8km of new sewer under Bulleen Road, Bulleen.

To build the new sewer, some works are needed within Bulleen Park, where we will build a temporary work site near Bulleen Park Oval 1.

Works will involve building 3 maintenance holes and a reticulation sewer to connect to the relocated YEMS.

Manningham City Council and the North East Link Program are committed to working closely with park users throughout the delivery of these works.

Sporting facilities will remain open with some temporary changes to traffic arrangements and car parking.

Access to the sports complex will always be maintained during these works, with all matches, events and training to continue.

Works will commence in April 2021 and be completed by late 2021.

Changes to the Bulleen Park Sports Complex

We’re working closely with Manningham City Council and user groups to minimise disruptions to Bulleen Park during these works.

To keep facilities open and sporting groups playing, the current access road and car park at Oval 1 will remain open.

The project will reconfigure the existing car park and create a dedicated access road for construction vehicles to access the work site. There will be a small number of car spaces required by the project during works and the oval will remain open for normal use during this time.

Vegetation Removal

As part of these works, some vegetation will need to be removed.

For every tree removed to build North East Link at least 2 will be planted, helping to grow a greener north and east. Where tree removal cannot be avoided, we’ll work closely with qualified ecologists and arborists to carefully plan and manage this.

Environmental Performance Requirements will ensure tree removal is minimised as much as possible.

All vegetation removed is provided to local groups as mulch or logs for reuse.

For more information on our Environment Management Framework visit our planning page.

Schedule of works

April 2021

  • site investigations/enabling works
  • site establishment.

April to August 2021

  • reticulation sewer construction
  • construction of three maintenance holes.

Late 2021

  • commissioning
  • reinstate work area
  • works complete.

Bulleen Park work area

Sporting facilities will remain open with some temporary changes to traffic arrangements and car parking.

Templestowe Road soccer facilities

New soccer facilities will be built at 27–59 Templestowe Road, so local soccer clubs currently using Bulleen Park can continue playing during North East Link works.


What construction impacts can we expect?

As with all construction projects, there will be some impacts to the community including increased noise, dust or vibration near the work site. These impacts will be closely managed ahead of and during works around Bulleen Park Oval 1 and must comply with the project's strict Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs). Noise modelling has been undertaken to influence when high-impact works occur and what machinery and equipment is used. Work activities that generate higher noise levels will be scheduled during times that the oval and pavilion are not in use. Noise barriers will be in place where they will be most effective. Noise monitoring will be undertaken throughout works to verify modelling results and identify whether additional noise abatement measures will be required.

Spoil will not be stockpiled on site and will be transported to an approved disposal facility in sealed tip trucks. Slurry used during boring activities will be transported using a slurry tanker with fluids also being disposed of at an approved disposal facility.

How will you maintain safe and clear access into/around Bulleen Oval?

Construction vehicles will have a dedicated access route from Bulleen Road to the work site, which will be separate to public access.

Along with traffic management on site to monitor and control vehicle activity, construction vehicles will be restricted to turn left from Bulleen Park Drive to assist in quick and safe movements. During works, the project will require up to 6 car spaces and a temporary offset car park will be built on Bulleen Park Drive.

How will traffic on Bulleen Road be impacted?

Larger construction vehicle movements will occur outside of peak travel times. Construction vehicles for these works will account for just one per cent of average daily traffic volumes on Bulleen Road. While no significant delay or queuing is expected, the project along with the Department of Transport will closely monitor traffic on Bulleen Road and make adjustments when required to minimise disruption for road users.

It should be noted that this information is current at the time of publication, however changes may occur. Please visit our website or the latest updates.