9 November 2023

The Independent Environmental Auditor (IEA) for North East Link plays a key role in making sure the project and our contractors comply with more than 100 strict Environmental Performance Requirements.

The role of the IEA is to review environmental documentation to verify compliance and undertake environmental audits of project activities assessing these against a range of key documents and approval conditions.

This includes compliance with the Environmental Management Framework (EMF), Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs), Environmental Strategy, Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), Worksite Environmental Management Plans (WEMPs) and Construction Compound Plans (CCPs).

A 6-monthly IEA summary report summarises audit activities and findings, status of actions taken to resolve any issues raised, and overall compliance with the project’s Environmental Management Framework (EMF) and Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs).

Spark has been appointed to design and build North East Link, including the 6.5 km twin tunnels, interchanges at Manningham and Lower Plenty roads, and upgrades to Greensborough and Bulleen roads.

Each IEA report provides a summary of audit activities and outcomes related to construction activities by Spark and, where relevant, activities undertaken by the State.

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