28 May 2021

Building the new city connection

Construction method

The elevated road will be built using the span-by-span construction method. Span-by-span construction builds the road deck continuously from one end of the structure to the other, placing concrete segments one after the other. Concrete precast segments manufactured locally in Benalla will be used and transported to the work site.

The elevated road will be built using a custom-designed crane. Starting at the city end of Footscray Road, the launching gantry will lift each segment into place to form a span before moving forward to build the next span. The machine will continue west towards Footscray for 1.2 kilometres to build the outbound lanes before it changes direction to build the city-bound lanes. In total, the machine will travel 2.5 kilometres to build six new lanes.

Keeping Footscray Road open

It will take around two years to build the elevated road. The construction method means Footscray Road can stay open with less disruption for cyclists and motorists and maintains uninterrupted access to the port for our important freight and logistics industries.