Camp Road boom gates gone for good

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After being closed for just 2 weeks, Camp Road has reopened to the community and the 11th dangerous and congested level crossing in Melbourne has been removed.

The project began in July 2017, with works building towards a month-long construction blitz in November and December.

On 15 November, Camp Road closed at the level crossing and the construction blitz began, which saw the boom gates removed and the rail line lowered under the road before Christmas.

A 300-strong team worked around the clock to remove the level crossing, install the foundations and construct the new road bridge deck, all in time for the road to reopen on 30 November.

While the boom gates are gone, the job isn’t over yet. Work will continue over the next 2 weeks with the project team busy working on the new rail corridor beneath the road, which will see trains on the Upfield Line return to full service on Monday 18 December.

Now that the boom gates are gone, the 30,000 drivers who use one of Melbourne’s busiest east-west arterial roads can enjoy a safer, less congested journey.

Level Crossing Removal