Sunbury Road Upgrade donates trees to Goonawarra Golf Club

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The Goonawarra Golf Course is looking greener with freshly planted trees providing shade for staff and visitors.

The 6 semi-mature trees planted around the 18-hole championship course were moved from alongside Sunbury Road, where construction crews are stepping up works to widen the road leading into summer. The tree plantings are part of the Sunbury Road Upgrade efforts to preserve trees across the project space.

Commonly known as the ‘Bunya Pine’, the semi-mature trees were moved some 400 metres from their original location, ensuring almost identical environment conditions.

Across the entire Sunbury Road Upgrade, more than 500 trees will go into the ground as part of the project design and in nearby suburbs – with early planting already well underway. Landscaping and tree planting will focus on indigenous trees and vegetation from the local region.

Importantly, the trees will help reduce the urban heat island effect which leads to higher temperatures and lower air quality in those urban communities without enough vegetation.

We’ve established no-go zones to protect sensitive environmental areas including protected areas around Jacksons Creek. Extensive environmental surveys, including field studies and digital mapping, are used to determine which trees need to be protected and which trees need to be replaced through new planting. Where tree removal can’t be avoided, we’ve worked with qualified ecologists and arborists to plan and manage how works will take place.

The Sunbury Road Upgrade is also reusing timber from felled trees for landscaping, and as part of the project’s timber re-use strategy no timber will go to landfill.

We’re also working with local groups, including Hume City Council, Sunbury Men’s Shed and local schools, to re-use timber from the project for community benefit, such as in playgrounds, parklands and habitat creation and rehabilitation.

The Sunbury Road Upgrade is expected to be completed by 2025.

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