Matted Flax-lily planting in Melbourne’s north east

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Work to increase the number of Matted Flax-lilies in Melbourne’s north east is underway, with the first of hundreds of plants for North East Link planted at Cherry Street Reserve, Macleod.

To build North East Link, up to 139 Matted Flax-lily plants will be carefully moved away from construction areas to new locations.

As part of the planting process, each Matted Flax-lily we collect will be split to create multiple new plants – establishing new populations more than triple the size.

So far, we’ve collected 130 plants from Simpson Barracks in Yallambie. The first 27 have been split to create more than 100 new plants for Cherry Street Reserve in Macleod.

More than 450 Matted Flax-lilies will be planted for North East Link – increasing the number of this significant species in Melbourne’s north east.

We're also increasing the number of significant trees. Studley Park Gum trees grown at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria from local seeds and planted in Yarra River parklands last year will replace each Studley Park Gum tree removed to build North East Link with at least two.

The Studley Park Gum trees and newly planted Matted Flax-lilies are just one part of work to grow a greener north east.

Across the entire North East Link Program, more than 30,000 new trees will be planted as part of the project design and in nearby suburbs, with more than 1,500 already planted.

Find out more about North East Link’s tree planting program.

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