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North East Link’s first sustainability report released

The use of an innovative recycled product on North East Link is one example of the important sustainability work that has been undertaken this year, as reported in the project’s 2021 sustainability report.

North East Link aims to deliver good environmental outcomes for the north east community, and the yearly report will track the project’s progress against its sustainability policy and objectives and targets.

As part of North East Link’s work to relocate than 2.5-km underground gas pipe along Greensborough Road, more than 3,400m3 – two and a half Olympic swimming pools’ worth – of a new recycled sand product was used in place of standard backfill materials.

Made from 100% recycled materials such as recycled concrete, asphalt and soil, the new backfill product has helped divert a significant amount of construction material from landfill.

Read the 2021 sustainability report to find out more about the range of sustainability initiatives undertaken this year.

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