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Second and third mini TBMs unveiled

As work on North East Link ramps up, two more mini tunnel boring machines (TBMs) have been unveiled, ready to start their mammoth task of moving the Yarra East Main Sewer in Bulleen.

The first of three mini TBMs – named “Izzy” after its ground-breaking project manager – is already tunnelling up to 20m beneath Bulleen, to move a 1.8km section of sewer out of the way of North East Link.

The second and third mini TBMs will join TBM Izzy, with seven launch and retrieval sites dotted around Bulleen Road.

Nearly 250 grade 5 and 6 students from Templestowe Heights Primary School in Lower Templestowe and St Clement of Rome Catholic Primary in Bulleen were given the important task of naming two mini TBMs.

In the tradition of naming TBMs after women, the second and third mini TBMs have been crowned “Valerie” – meaning strength and power – and “Athena” – after the Goddess of Wisdom. The students chose Athena as they felt that you need wisdom to build the sewer and the North East Link Project and Valerie meaning strong, brave and fierce – similar to a TBM.

The students were inspired by these names given the large and complex task these mini TBMs will complete in the months ahead.

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