Superloads deliver TBM parts to Watsonia

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The first parts of the massive tunnel boring machines (TBMs) that will dig the North East Link tunnels have completed their journey by sea to the Port of Melbourne and have been transported to their new home in Watsonia.

On September 9 and 10, the first TBM segments travelled from the Port of Melbourne to Watsonia on oversized trucks in a convoy known as a ‘superload’. The superloads can be up to 60m long, over 4m high and more than 9m wide and travel at speeds between 5km/h and 40km/h.

This is the first of more than 20 superloads that will need to travel from the Port of Melbourne to Watsonia over the next 6 months.

The TBM segments that are used to build these massive machines will arrive progressively in 3 shipments over the coming months.

Details will be provided ahead of each overnight superload delivery, so that road users can plan ahead and avoid disruptions.

Once the segments are delivered on site, the 2 TBMs will take around 6 months to assemble on site, with the parts lowered into the ground by a 550-tonne crane. Once assembled, the TBMs will then work day and night as they dig their way to Bulleen – with the community having the opportunity to help name the TBMs later this year.

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