Bridge Inn Road Upgrade offers plenty of environmental insights for Year 12 students

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Doreen Year 12 students have learnt how the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade protects the local environment while working to deliver safer, more-reliable travel for the road’s users.

Project team members visited Plenty Valley Christian College recently to give the Year 12s a special presentation in support of the school’s Environmental Science curriculum.

The students learned how the upgrade minimises environmental impacts and supports sustainability through activities like air and water quality monitoring and the use of recycled materials.

The students’ environmental and sustainability learnings from the presentation will contribute to their assessments.

The presentation also gave the students information about career opportunities and pathways in construction, with an emphasis on employer types and roles working in environment and sustainability.

Plenty Valley Christian College is part of the wider community in Doreen and Mernda set to benefit from the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade.

The project is adding extra lanes in both directions between Plenty Road, Mernda, and Yan Yean Road, Doreen. Other improvements include intersection upgrades, installation of safety barriers and construction of shared walking and cycling paths.

The upgrade is also building a new bridge over Plenty River and repurposing the existing 155-year-old heritage bridge as a dedicated walking and cycling path.

The project will deliver safer, more-reliable travel on Bridge Inn Road while improving access to local amenities and public transport. It will also reduce congestion and travel times and improve connections between communities across Melbourne’s growing outer-northern suburbs.

More information about the upgrade is available on our Bridge Inn Road Upgrade page.

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