Getting on with making Bogong High Plains Road Landslip more resilient

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It is proving to be a bumper ski season across Victoria’s High Country as the now re-opened Bogong High Plains Road welcomes back thousands of road users including local drivers and tourists thanks to recent landslip stabilisation works.

Crews are continuing to rebuild the slope along the road after the snow season, located above Bogong Village between Mt Beauty and Falls Creek- where the project team has recently applied around 20,000 square metres of biodegradable mesh to further reduce chances of erosion following heavy rainfall events.

The coir matting, which is a thick geotextile made of natural fibres, is a common erosion control measure which is often used on steep hillsides.

25 temporary sensors have also been strategically positioned across the face of the slope as an additional safety measure to motorists, capable of detecting any movement and instantaneously notifying crews.

This section of the road is used by up to 3,000 vehicles every day at the peak of the winter snow season and is used as the main access point for drivers travelling to-or-from Falls Creek.

As part of our landslip rectification works, the landslip site continues to be reconstructed to help lessen the chance of a major landslip in the future.

Over the past 7 months, a crew of workers has moved more than 70 truck loads of material each day and cut into the hill to enable one lane access.

Upgrades to the affected section include:

  • drainage and earthworks
  • major excavation
  • asphalt resurfacing
  • installing guardrails
  • road strengthening
  • line-marking
  • installing new guideposts and signs.

This key alpine link remains under single lane traffic control for the remainder of the official snow season. For more information please view our Bogong High Plains Road Landslip webpage.

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