Paving the way for sustainably built roads

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The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade is paving the way for sustainably built roads, with more than 1,400 tonnes of environmentally friendly asphalt laid as a part of last year’s Porter Street construction blitz.

The Porter Street blitz in June and July 2021, saw asphalt containing the equivalent of roughly 700,000 bottles laid over the 300m stretch of road. That’s equal to the kerbside collection of bottles and jars of nearly 3,500 Victorian homes each year!

Aboriginal-owned business B.A Road Services who worked on the upgrade use asphalt with the highest recycled content of 39% - a mix including reclaimed asphalt and crushed glass.

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade is meeting plenty of targets across all areas including Indigenous businesses spend, workforce training and recycled content. It’s also one of the first transport projects in the state to include the Victorian Government’s Recycled First Policy.

The policy requires contractors on road and rail projects to optimise their use of recycled and reused content. Recycled First is being implemented across future Victorian Big Build projects as well as Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) projects from 2022.

Major construction has ramped up to remove a major traffic bottleneck at Eltham’s busiest intersection - Main Road and Fitzsimons Lane.

Until Sunday 13 February 2022 crews will work around the clock to upgrade the Main Road and Fitzsimons Lane intersection. Construction includes removing the Main Road roundabout and replacing it with traffic lights.

There will be limited access through the intersection and significant delays as these works take place. Motorists are encouraged to plan their journeys.

The intersection with traffic lights is expected to be operational by mid-February.

Find out more about major works at Main Road.

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