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Safe and easy access to SRL East stations

Pedestrian overpasses in Cheltenham and Burwood will make it safer and easier to walk between SRL East stations and key destinations – including Deakin University, Metro train stations, tram and bus interchanges.

New details of how SRL stations will connect to their communities have been revealed in the lead up to the SRL East Environment Effects Statement (EES) – to be released later this year.

In Cheltenham, the overpass will run alongside the existing metro rail bridge, creating a seamless connection between SRL and Southland stations for Frankston line passengers.

At the SRL station in Burwood, Deakin University staff and students will be able to cross Burwood Highway quickly and safely with the new pedestrian overpass. Using the overpass will be around 2 minutes faster for commuters, helping people get to class on time at one of Australia’s biggest universities.

Deakin University’s Director of Masterplanning, Timetabling and Property, Yvonne Yip welcomed the news, saying ‘the inclusion of a high-quality grade-separated pedestrian connection across Burwood Highway ... will improve pedestrian safety and minimise traffic disruption.’

Taking passengers by 2035, SRL East from Cheltenham to Box Hill will slash congestion and travel times, improving access to health, education and jobs in Melbourne’s growing suburbs.

Cheltenham and Burwood locals, workers and visitors will experience massive travel time savings, with a trip along SRL East taking just 22 minutes – saving a future student travelling from Cheltenham to Deakin University up to 60 minutes on a return journey.

SRL will also create jobs closer to where people live by attracting businesses and investment to SRL Precincts. With SRL East and North, jobs in Cheltenham are expected to double to 36,500, and employment in Burwood will also double to 24,000 jobs by 2056.

For more information about SRL East and the upcoming EES, check out the virtual information room.

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