Temporary bridge to keep traffic moving in Box Hill

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Work has started on a temporary bridge to keep traffic moving in Box Hill during construction of the new underground Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) station.

The temporary bridge on Whitehorse Road will include pedestrian paths on both sides and will mean there’ll be minimal impact on the 30,000 cars which use the major arterial every day, while workers are carving out the new station below ground.

Around 50 workers will build the bridge, drilling 23m-deep holes that will be filled with concrete to form the support structure, before excavating underneath and building the bridge deck.

Traffic will be diverted onto the bridge before major construction starts on the underground station.

Box Hill’s new underground station will open by 2035, with safe, traffic-free access between the SRL station and the existing metro train station, buses and the 109 tram, and a new green boulevard and public space along Whitehorse Road.

SRL will help locals get to Cheltenham in 22 minutes or Monash University in just 10 minutes.

Suburban Rail Loop