Automated traffic cone truck a safety innovation on our projects

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Road construction and maintenance workers are among the most likely to be involved in a workplace incident in Australia - 63% of fatalities on worksites are caused by vehicles and other moving objects.

Safety innovation and features

Designed and built in Australia, the Arrowes Automated Cone Truck was developed to keep road workers out of danger by automatically dropping and picking up traffic cones while in live traffic.

The truck has capacity for 400 traffic cones and can cover more than 9km of freeway safely and efficiently, without anyone needing to step onto the road.

The traffic cones are custom designed to withstand strong wind conditions and can be tipped as far as 45 degrees and still return to a standing position. Cones can also be placed at adjustable spaces between 3m and 24m.

Out on the job

The truck was successfully trialled for 2 years, including on the M80 Upgrade between Sydney Road and Edgars Road.

Feedback from trials has been incorporated into the current commercial design and the truck was recently launched at Holmesglen Institute’s Victorian Tunnelling Centre, where road construction workers are trained.

Innovations like the automated cone truck will go a long way towards keeping our workers safe.

Watch the automated cone truck in action

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