Response to Footscray Road cyclist fatality

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Update 10/3/2023

New traffic signals have now been switched on at the Footscray Road and Dock Link Road intersection, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross Dock Link Road.

The updated signals mean that vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians won’t have a green signal at the same time.

There is now also a dedicated turning lane for vehicles turning left into the port.

Along with the Department of Transport and Planning we will monitor the new arrangement to ensure it is operating effectively.

Update 24/2/2023

In the coming weeks, we will install a dedicated lane on Footscray Road for vehicles turning left into Dock Link Road that is controlled by traffic lights. This means cyclists will have a dedicated green light crossing at this location.

We have worked with the Department of Transport and Planning to implement this change and address feedback provided by bicycle user groups. This new set up means that vehicles and cyclists won’t have a green light at the same time.


In February 2023, there was an incident on Footscray Road where a person riding a bike sadly lost their life.

While construction is underway in this location, there have been changes made to both the road and the walking and cycling path.

Ahead of any changes being made, and after they are implemented, a review of the changes is carried out to ensure all safety requirements are met. This is standard for changes made to any road or bike path while the project is being built.

We have taken the matter seriously and reviews are underway to determine further safety improvements that could be considered.

While these are carried out, immediate action has been taken including:

  • Additional “Watch for Cyclists” static signs have been installed for road users
  • An electronic sign with a “slowdown, watch for turning traffic” message for walking and cycling path users
  • Traffic Controllers on site to assist in managing the interaction of both truck traffic turning into Dock Link Road and cyclists using the Footscray Road cycling path

We are now looking at long-term arrangements, which could include controlling the timing of turning vehicles and cyclists using traffic signals.

We actively involve Bicycle Network in our planning for traffic set ups and will work with them and other bicycle groups as we investigate these improvements.

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