The Suburban Rail Loop will be a twin-tunnel, standalone rail line that is fully integrated into the existing public transport network.

Being a standalone line means the design of the trains will not be constrained by the requirements of Melbourne’s 100-year old train network.

As a result, the Suburban Rail Loop will be serviced by a dedicated fleet of quicker, high-tech trains, enabling easy hop on and hop off travel for passengers. The trains will be four or five carriages long, meaning the platforms can be shorter, reducing the walking distance at each station.

Pre-construction work on the Stage One route from Box Hill to Cheltenham is underway, with fourteen boreholes already dug, and close to 100 expected to be drilled by mid 2020.

The information gathered during pre-construction work will help determine the exact station locations for the project. Construction on Stage One of the Suburban Rail Loop is expected to commence in 2022.

Suburban rail loop trains

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