Traffic is flowing through the reopened intersection at McDonalds and Gorge roads in South Morang, following a major part of construction finishing ahead of schedule.

Crews worked around the clock during the quieter period in summer to widen the intersection and build a new median, in preparation for the construction of new lanes.

“An average of 35,000 people use Plenty Road between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road each day.”

The McDonalds and Gorge road intersection is one of 12 intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road being upgraded as part of Stage 2 of the Plenty Road Upgrade.

This stage of the project includes adding an extra lane in each direction between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road for more efficient and safer travel.

The Plenty Road Upgrade will boost capacity and reduce travel times, delivering better access for drivers in Melbourne’s north.

Major upgrades to three intersections at Bridge Inn Road, Francesca and Waterview drives will be underway in the coming months.

Works will continue on a number of separate sections to keep traffic moving and disruption to a minimum.

The Plenty Road Upgrade is due for completion in mid-2021.

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