We built the Plenty Road Upgrade in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: McKimmies Road to Bush Boulevard - completed mid-2019
  • Stage 2: Bush Boulevard to Bridge Inn Road - major works completed mid-2021.

The $178.6 million upgrade will help get you home safer and sooner.

Stage 1

Works started in March 2018 and were completed in mid-2019.

During Stage 1 of the upgrade, we:

  • added a new lane in each direction between McKimmies Road and Bush Boulevard
  • upgraded 5 intersections, including Childs Road and Centenary Drive
  • installed traffic lights at Rivergum and Mayfield Drives
  • widened the existing footpath and create a new shared walking and cycling path
  • built on-road cyclist lanes
  • installed 10,000 metres of safety barriers.

Stage 2

We’ve added a lane in each direction and upgraded 12 intersections between Bush Boulevard and Bridge Inn Road. Major works were completed mid-2021.

Bridge Inn Road intersection upgrade

We've upgraded the Bridge Inn Road intersection from a roundabout to an intersection with traffic lights.

Check out our timelapse video below to see how we upgraded the intersection.