The Metro Tunnel will underpin Melbourne's rail network growth for decades to come. Our young people have a bigger stake than anyone in our city’s future transport system.

With them in mind, we have created an education program based at our visitor centre, Metro Tunnel HQ, that will show them what our project means to them as future citizens and workers, targeting careers learning and skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.

If you're planning a visit to the city with your class, make time for a free session at Metro Tunnel HQ, 125-133 Swanston Street.

Learning activities at Metro Tunnel HQ

Excursions to Metro Tunnel HQ

Students are free to visit Metro Tunnel HQ independently, for example as part of a pre-planned city explorer trail organised by their school.

If you intend sending more than 5 students at a time into the visitor centre or would like a more holistic experience with targeted activities in our dedicated classroom space, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

We can cater to groups of all ages and sizes, however our program is best suited to the following:

  • Groups of 10 to 30 (for staffing reasons we do not offer classroom sessions for less than 10 students)
  • Years 3 to 9

The public area of Metro Tunnel HQ encourages students to experience the project first hand, whether digging deep under the city on board our virtual tunnel boring machine or navigating their way around the future rail network.

The upstairs classroom space provides an opportunity to extend your students' understanding of how public transport is changing and consider the opportunities presented by the Melbourne of the future.

Face-to-face sessions

Visitor Centre Sessions – 30 to 60 minutes

All year levels
  • 30 minutes: The group will be provided with a contextualised overview of the Metro Tunnel Project. Students will complete a worksheet and undertake a guided exploration of the various activities and information on display, including VR goggles and Minecraft Mini Melbourne.
  • 60 minutes: Incorporating the 30 minute visitor centre session, students will also go on a short walk led by our knowledgeable visitor centre staff to view the Town Hall Station construction site and learn more about the challenges of building in the heart of the city.

Visitor Centre Plus Workshop Sessions – 75 minutes to 2 hours

Years 3 to 4 – 75 minutes
  • Stages of construction: Specially tailored for this age group, combine a shortened tour of the visitor centre with this puzzle session that helps kids understand why big builds take so long! They’ll learn some big new words and be tasked with putting all the stages of construction in the right order to get the job done. Try the Stages of construction activity online.
Years 5 to 6 – 2 hours

Choose one of the following workshop sessions:

  • Time traveller: Exploring the features of transport past and present and then using our imaginations to consider just what the future might hold.
  • Signalling secrets: Using colour coding to direct tiny robots (Ozobots) and learn about the signalling technology that will be introduced as part of the Metro Tunnel Project.
Year 9 – 2 hours

Choose one of the following workshop sessions:

(Note: These sessions target Year 9 reading and maths levels but can be adapted for groups of students in Years 7 to 11)

  • Careers explorer: Discovery session designed to unearth the surprising range of roles available in large infrastructure projects and how these align with individual students’ skills and passions.
  • Voluminous matters: A ‘real world’ soil engineering workshop calculating the volume of spoil to be excavated and determining the logistics of removal, including ‘wicked’ factors such as cost, environmental impact and local transport conditions. The maths is very straightforward, involving calculating the volume of cubes and cylinders, but students do need to have been exposed to the concept of Pi.

Remote learning sessions

Online workshops for those who can’t get to Metro Tunnel HQ

Prep to Year 6 – up to 45 mins

Engage the education program team for an online session with your class and we’ll present an introduction to the Metro Tunnel with interesting facts and insights aligned to your students’ needs, along with quizzes, puzzles and post-activity worksheets. Identify your students' grade and we'll be in touch with options.

Years 5 to 9 – 45 mins

Invite the education program team into an online session with your class and we’ll present an introduction to the Metro Tunnel with interesting facts and insights aligned to your students’ needs, along with a Kahoot quiz to test retention and identify the group’s top Metro Tunnel Expert.


‘We enjoyed the interactive, well targeted and engaging displays and activities and I have no doubt that this rich real-world learning experience will produce some budding engineers. Thank you Metro Tunnel HQ.’ Marnie Power, Digital Technologies Teacher, St. Gabriel's Primary School – Reservoir.

‘We were very impressed with the excellent introduction to the transport project, the quality displays available and presentation by your team. The content of the discussion was pitched perfectly for the students. What an exciting project that these children will directly benefit from in the near future.’ Michael Doukakis, Teacher at Knox Park Primary School – Knoxfield.

‘Our girls found the visit to Metro Tunnel HQ very motivating. The sessions gave them the chance to see STEM in action and how women can be part of that world. Many students have reviewed their career options as a result of taking part in the program.’ Catherine Kirby, Senior School Head of Science, Lowther Hall.

‘The visitor centre was fantastic with all the hands-on technology, and my students got a lot out of the maths-based voluminous matters activity. The Metro Tunnel is such a valid project for them. Its going to impact their lives. They're going to be using this transport, they might even be working with it!’ Rebecca Seel, STEM Lead, Albert Park College.

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