The South Road Upgrade will improve 5 intersections between Nepean Highway and Warrigal Road. We’ll reduce bottlenecks, improve traffic flow and make South Road safer for all road users.

The project will:

  • build an extra citybound right-turn lane from South Road to improve access to Nepean Highway
  • modify the Taylor Street and Jasper Road intersection to improve traffic flow on South Road and pedestrian safety
  • install a new signalised pedestrian crossing at Tucker Road to improve pedestrian access
  • build an extra right-turn lane from South Road to East Boundary Road to create more capacity and realign the left turn slip lanes to improve safety
  • install new traffic lights and a signalised pedestrian crossing at Bignell Road to improve safety.

As part of the project, we’ll also upgrade the existing off-road bike path along the Nepean Highway between South Road and Cummins Road.

Negri Contractors have been awarded the contract to build the South Road Upgrade. Works will start on the project in November 2021.

South Rd upgrade map

View a larger version of the South Road upgrade map (PDF, 147.1 KB)


More than 40,000 vehicles travel along South Road every day.

The project will create more capacity at key intersections and improve traffic flow along South Road, making journey times more reliable.

It will also improve safety and reduce the risk of crashes and make it easier and safer for pedestrians to travel along and across South Road.

Interactive map

You can also view the interactive map for the project. Click the icons to read more about the changes we’re making as part of the South Road Upgrade.

Click to view the interactive map. Please allow time for the map to load.

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