The upgrade of the Western Highway between Buangor and Ararat will add an extra lane in each direction and vastly improve safety for communities in Western Victoria, providing a much-needed boost to the regional economy.

Current design

The approved alignment balances the needs of the community, with the need to improve safety for the more than 6000 people who use this road every day.

In February 2019, we agreed to significantly alter the design of the project to avoid 2 trees identified by some members of the Aboriginal community as being of significance. Additional design revisions made since will allow for a total of 16 trees of interest to some members of the Aboriginal community to be retained.

More information about this section of the Western Highway project can be found in the FAQs below.

Alignment environmental impact

The slider below shows the existing highway and why an upgraded highway along this route was dismissed due to the potential environmental impact to Mt Langi Ghiran State Park. (Select the vertical white line to move the slider from left to right).

Frequently asked questions

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