Between early 2020 and mid 2022, specialist crews have moved almost 100 above and underground services to make way for North East Link.

The Early Works program involved relocating power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunication services as well as preparing future work sites and building new infrastructure to support the next stage of construction.

To date, crews have relocated:

  • 4km of sewer pipes
  • 2.7km of power lines
  • 1.4km of telecom lines
  • 2.6km of gas pipes
  • 2.6km of water pipes
  • 2 high voltage towers
  • 1 mobile phone tower

Here are some of the highlights from our Early Works program:

Yarra East Main Sewer

3 mini TBMs moved 1.8km of the Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS) to the east of Bulleen Road, beneath homes, schools and sports clubs in Bulleen.

Eastern Freeway

We relocated utilities along the Eastern Freeway in Kew East, Balwyn North, Bulleen and Doncaster.

Borlase Reserve

We relocated utilities including important water supply infrastructure around Borlase Reserve in Yallambie.

Greensborough Road

We laid gas pipes and power lines on Greensborough Road at night and restored the road for traffic each morning in Macleod.

Simpson Barracks

We replaced buildings and services, including transplanting 2 Lone Pines to a new ANZAC Day Service Area, on land provided by the Australian Government in Yallambie.


We moved a mobile phone tower and 2 high-voltage towers, by carefully stringing live power lines over Greensborough Highway in Watsonia.