We’re preparing to build Victoria’s longest road tunnels. When complete, the North East Link tunnels will take 15,000 trucks off local roads every day and reduce travel times by up to 35 minutes.

Tunnelling will start from mid-2024, with the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) arriving in pieces from overseas – before the massive task of assembling both of the 90m long, 15.6m diameter, 4000 tonne TBMs begins.

TBMs are large machines used to excavate dirt and rock. The cutting head on the front of the TBM rotates and hydraulic cylinders push it forward from behind. Cutter discs on the cutting head break through the dirt and rock.

Conveyer belts and pipes inside the TBM take the dirt and rock from the cutter head to the end of the machine and then to the surface. As the tunnels are being dug, we’ll place curved segments of concrete inside to form the tunnel walls.

The TBMs will be among the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Come down to our Watsonia Hub to see our replica and learn more about how it works.

They’ll be operated 24 hours a day by a crew of up to 20 people – including TBM operators, electricians, mechanics, ring builders and tunnel engineers.

While most of the work to build the North East Link Tunnels will happen deep underground, major works are still needed at the surface to launch and operate the TBMs as well as build new interchanges and ventilation structures for the tunnels.

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