Planning is progressing to upgrade the Ballan Road Intersection at Greens and McGrath roads in Wyndham Vale.

The upgrade aims to:

  • improve safety
  • reduce travel times
  • cater for population growth and increased vehicle movements.

Planning and development

Planning and development work included traffic modelling, social studies and environmental investigations. This helped us to understand environmental and social impacts, develop design options, and confirm scope and costs of different options.

In our project planning and development, we considered options to upgrade the intersection to deliver a more efficient transport network and improve safety.

We’ve finished our development work and have completed a business case. The business case examined the upgrade in detail to help select the design that will be constructed, determine the cost, and identify the best delivery approach.


The upgrade will:

  • remove the existing roundabout at McGrath, Ballan and Greens roads and replace it with traffic lights
  • add traffic lights at the Ballan Road and McGrath Road (south) intersection
  • improve walking and cycling connectivity at the intersection by adding new paths.

Community and business feedback

From 20 March to 9 April 2023, we asked for feedback from the community and local businesses via Engage Victoria to help inform planning and shape development of design options for the upgrade. Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback. More than 700 community and business surveys were completed, and more than 60 pieces of feedback were provided on our interactive map.

This feedback has helped us understand how people use the intersection as well as views on safety, traffic flow and what we should consider in our planning. We also heard how local businesses operate and use the intersection.

The feedback also highlighted strong support for the Ballan Road Intersection Upgrade to improve safety and reduce travel times.

  • 94% of community respondents and 91% of business respondents support an upgrade
  • 80% of community members are supportive of the intersection potentially being converted to traffic lights in future
  • 86% of community respondents have concerns with the intersection. When asked what concerns they have (multiple choice), the top responses were traffic flow (90%), safety (64%) road user behaviour (49%) and travel times (47%)
  • 82% of community respondents rated traffic flow as poor or very poor, 13% said fair, and 5% said good or very good.

For further information on what we heard read the Community and Business Consultation Summary (PDF, 5.8 MB).

Next steps

Planning work is continuing as the upgrade moves towards construction. Construction timelines will be known once our planning has progressed further.


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