We upgraded O'Herns Road in 2 stages.

As part of Stage 1, we upgraded the O’Herns Road and High Street intersection with traffic lights and built on-road bike lanes to connect to nearby shared walking and cycling paths. Stage 1 was completed in early 2019.

Construction on Stage 2 of the O'Herns Road Upgrade started in September 2019 and was completed in mid-2021.

As part of the upgrade, we built:

  • a new interchange with direct access to the Hume Freeway
  • one new lane in each direction on O’Herns Road between the Hume Freeway and Redding Rise
  • one new lane in each direction on the Hume Freeway between Cooper Street and O’Herns Road
  • new traffic light intersections at Edgars Road and Gateway Boulevard
  • a wider bridge over the Hume Freeway to improve traffic flow to the new interchange
  • a new and upgraded walking cycling path and on-road bicycle lane.

We also installed new traffic lights at the future Koukoura Drive intersection. The remaining connection will be built by Development Victoria.

O'Herns Road Upgrade Map

View a larger version of the O'Herns Road upgrade map (PDF, 138.8 KB)

Watch our video to see how we've changed the way you travel on O'Herns Road.

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