As part of the Princes Highway East Upgrade, we’re adding 43km of new dual lanes to the Princes Highway between Traralgon and Sale.

The project is being delivered in 3 stages. The first 2 stages are complete, adding 31 km of new lanes on the Princes Highway and upgrading 22 intersections.

Stage 3 will complete the final 12km of dual lanes and deliver a range of safety improvements. As part of the project, we'll:

  • strengthen the existing highway, install safety barriers and tactile edge lines
  • provide regular U-turn facilities
  • upgrade 6 intersections including dedicated turning lanes
  • add 2 additional lanes to provide a consistent dual lane highway
  • Flynn: east of Sheepwash Creek Road to west of Flynn’s Creek Road
  • Kilmany: east of Maffra-Rosedale Road Nambrok to Velore Road
  • Kilmany East: east of Velore Road in Kilmany to east of Templetons Road.
  • install a centre median with flexible safety barriers to reduce the risk of crashes
  • improve local road and private access to the highway, including a service road in the Kilmany township
  • build a new 95-metre-long, single-span, steel arch rail bridge at Kilmany.

The project will make travel safer for locals, and for day-trippers and holidaymakers travelling to the snowfields and Gippsland lakes.

View a larger version of the map (PDF, 149.4 KB).


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