St Kilda Road Bike Lanes

Upgrading bike lanes on St Kilda Road to improve safety for all road users


The project involves building new bike lanes that physically separate drivers and cyclists to make St Kilda road safer for all road users.

Bike lanes will be upgraded between Linlithgow Avenue and St Kilda Junction and then a separate section between St Kilda Junction and the Carlisle Street intersection.

The project includes:

  • building a combination of central safety zone bike lanes and Copenhagen-style kerbside bike lanes
  • providing a separated lane for cyclists in the middle of St Kilda Road
  • reserving the outer lanes for vehicles and parking during off peak times. Clearways will be in place during peak periods to keep traffic moving
  • positioning the Copenhagen-style bike lanes closer to the kerb with a physical barrier separating cyclists from both parked cars and the road to reduce the risk of car-dooring.

The upgrade will be carried out in conjunction with the Metro Tunnel works to minimise disruptions and will be completed by the time the ANZAC precinct reopens in 2025.

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The St Kilda Road Bike Lanes project is being delivered by Major Road Projects Victoria. Visit the project website for more information.

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