About ecologiQ

ecologiQ is the future of reusing, recycling and repurposing waste materials on road and rail infrastructure across Victoria.

The aim of this Victorian Government initiative is to integrate recycled and reused content into every corner of Victoria’s $100 billion Big Build by incorporating waste products wherever possible.

ecologiQ comes at a pivotal time, given the Council of Australian Governments' move in 2020 to ban the export of waste plastic, paper, tyres and glass. The Victorian Government’s ecologiQ program was created to find this waste a new home – as construction materials for transport projects.

The ecologiQ initiative was pioneered in 2019 by Major Road Projects Victoria’s CEO, Allen Garner, who drew the crucial connection between Victoria’s transport projects and the reform of Victoria’s recycling system.


ecologiQ is utilising the unprecedented investment in infrastructure to be recognised as the world leader in the sustainable use of recycled and reused materials by 2025.


  • Contribute to a Victorian circular economy by increasing the use of Victorian reused and recycled materials, and reducing waste in transport infrastructure construction​
  • Encourage innovation in transport infrastructure construction to improve quality and accelerate the implementation of new Victorian recycled products
  • Support a vibrant and sustainable Victorian market for reused and recycled materials in transport infrastructure construction​
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle materials without compromising the delivery of safe, high-quality and sustainable infrastructure

Key action areas

ecologiQ achieves this vision and objectives through our work to:

  • optimise the use of Victorian recycled and reused materials on Victorian major transport projects
  • change the approach to technical standards and specifications
  • pursue market development opportunities for emerging materials.

A key driver of this change is the Recycled First Policy, which for the first time in Australian history requires contractors delivering Victorian transport projects to optimise their use of recycled and reused materials.

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