Reusing and recycling materials across our projects

We recently completed bringing in approximately 100,000 tonnes of recycled dirt, rock and clay to use on the McGregor Road and Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road interchanges as part of the Pakenham Roads Upgrade.

We're currently building the foundations for the new freeway ramps at McGregor Road and the new bridge over the Princes Freeway on Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road. To facilitate these works, we brought in approximately 100,000 tonnes of recycled material which was excavated from the Level Crossing Removal Project’s Mont Albert Road site in Surrey Hills.

This is equivalent to 40 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of materials that will be reused and recycled to avoid sending this to landfill or purchasing new materials for the project.

This material will help build the foundation of the new McGregor Road ramps and embankments for the bridge over the Princes Freeway at Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road.

This initiative will prevent usable material from going to landfill and will reduce the amount of new fill that is excavated from quarries.

This fill went through stringent testing before it arrived at the project site, making sure it’s exactly right for use and meets guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.

This initiative builds on the Victorian Government’s ecologiQ program which aims to integrate recycled and reused content into every corner of Victoria’s $90 billion Big Build, by incorporating waste products wherever possible.

ecologiQ along with the state’s Recycled First policy has had a powerful impact so far, resulting in commitments to use over 2.5 million tonnes of recycled and reused materials.

Finding ways to reuse and recycle materials to build our projects is important as we aim to make the Pakenham Roads Upgrade as sustainable as possible.