Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade drives use of recycled glass road surface treatment in Templestowe

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade is driving strong sustainability outcomes that continue to be seen on major transport infrastructure projects in Victoria’s Big Build, by installing an industry-leading, environmentally friendly, coloured road surface treatment for bus lanes.

As part of the upgrade, crews installed almost 3,900 square meters of Australian made coloured recycled road treatment to improve visibility of bus lanes at two new intersections in Templestowe, at the Porter Street-Fitzsimons Lane intersection and Foote Street-Williamsons Road intersection.

These brightly coloured red, speckled road surface are created using 75 percent recycled glass aggregate in a resin binder, made up of post-industrial recycled glass.

More than 23 tonnes of recycled glass was used to create this road surface treatment along this project.

The high-quality road surface treatment is known as OmniGrip CST and is manufactured in nearby Thomastown by OmniGrip Direct.  It is Victorian developed and has been used in bus lanes, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, footpaths and local area traffic management schemes for many years.

The road treatment will deliver benefits for both the environment and local community.

It is compliant to Department of Transport and Planning specifications, durable and skid-resistant in both wet and dry conditions. It is the first coloured surface treatment to be TIPES certified in Australia, with the Australian Road Research Board giving it TIPES Level 3 certification on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) and its construction partners, supported by ecologiQ, are committed to identifying ways to use more recycled materials across all major road upgrades, in line with the Victorian Government’s Recycled First Policy.

The policy, being delivered by ecologiQ, requires contractors on road and rail projects to optimise the use of recycled and reused content.

Recycled First is being implemented across Victorian Big Build projects from 2020.

For more information about the Victorian Government’s Recycled First Policy, visit our Recycled First Policy page.