5 October 2021

Sewer works for North East Link

This year builders are moving around 100 above and underground services such as power, water, gas, sewerage and telecommunications to make way for North East Link.

As part of these works, we’re moving a vital piece of Melbourne’s sewer network, the Yarra East Main Sewer (YEMS), to prepare for major construction in 2021.

Three mini tunnel boring machines (TBMs) will dig 1.8km of new sewer under Bulleen Road, Bulleen.

To build the new sewer, some works are needed within the Boroondara Tennis Centre. A TBM launch and retrieval site will be built near the car park. Replacement car parking will be available and the tennis centre and all facilities will be open right throughout the sewer works.

Works staging

January 2021

  • site establishment
  • TBM launch and retrieval site construction

March 2021

  • tunnelling

August 2021

  • reinstatement of works areas

Please note these dates are subject to change.

What we’ll be doing

To build the new sewer, a TBM launch and retrieval site around seven metres wide and 12m deep will be built near the Boroondara Tennis Centre car park.

Mini TBMs, around 2m wide, will then tunnel the new section of sewer towards Marcellin College, the Freeway Golf Course and Manningham Hotel and Club.

Tunnelling the sewer below ground will reduce impacts and disruptions to the community at the surface.

An offset car park will be built next to court 5 to provide additional parking to users while works are underway.

Operating through sewer works

Use of the tennis centre and facilities will not be impacted by the sewer works.

Some large deliveries to the works area will be required. Traffic management will be in place to direct vehicles around the site safely.

The North East Link Program is working closely with Boroondara Council and the Tennis Centre operators to minimise impacts wherever we can. This includes scheduling works outside peak times when possible and major events.

Working safely on site

A range of measures will be in place to ensure the safety of tennis centre users throughout the works.

Work areas will be clearly signed and securely fenced off. Construction vehicle access will be clearly marked, and traffic management and signage will be in place to direct vehicles and pedestrians safely around the works areas.

Vegetation removal

As part of these works, some vegetation will need to be removed. Every effort will be made to minimise this as much as possible.