8 June 2022

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North East Link’s Independent Environmental Auditor (IEA) plays a key role in making sure the program and our contractors comply with more than one hundred strict environmental requirements.

The role of the IEA is to review environmental documentation to verify compliance and undertake environmental audits of program activities assessing these against a range of key documents and approval conditions. This includes compliance with the Environmental Management Framework (EMF), Environmental Performance Requirements (EPRs), Environmental Strategy, Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), Worksite Environmental Management Plans (WEMPs) and Construction Compound Plans (CCPs). Ninety six of the program’s 110 strict EPRs have been assessed by the IEA as related to the delivery of the North East Link early works program, as well as also reviewing compliance with relevant sections of the EMF.


This latest IEA report provides a six month summary of the North East Link early works program from August 2021 to January 2022. It summarises audit activities during the reporting period, audit findings and the status of actions taken to address previous audit findings. It also looks at our early works contractors’ compliance with the Environmental Management Framework and Environmental Performance Requirements.