Repurposed level crossing removal materials donated to Werribee Open Range Zoo

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Materials saved from the Level Crossing Removal Project’s many sites will become part of the $88 million redevelopment of Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The zoo, a leading tourist destination in Melbourne’s west, will be expanded, with elephants the leading beneficiaries. A 5km perimeter fence will be installed to keep them safe and will be engineered to withstand the weight and force of a herd of adult Asian elephants.

The fence is being built from repurposed construction materials donated by the Level Crossing Removal Project and other government facilities.

Rail track, including 1.5km replaced as part of the Werribee Street Level Crossing Removal Project, and elevator cable will be used to construct the perimeter fencing for the Elephant Trail and the Asian wild horse, American bison and Southern white rhinoceros’ facilities.

Salvaged timber will become part of new animal enrichment structures, boardwalks, gates and visitor amenities.

The new Elephant Trail will become home for the herd currently living at Melbourne Zoo, which includes three pregnant females – one of which is Mali, the first elephant born at Melbourne Zoo.

Other material donated to Werribee Open Range Zoo from the Level Crossing Removal Project includes 20 gum tree stumps from Old Geelong Road, Cherry Street and Werribee Street projects as well as 2km of rail track from the Coburg and Preston project.

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