The last concrete beam is in at Parkdale

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The last of the 152 large L-shaped concrete beams that make up the 1.1km elevated rail bridge in Parkdale was lifted into place last week, marking a major milestone for the project.

Weighing up to 120 tonnes (that’s the equivalent of 20 elephants or one blue whale) and varying between 25m and 31m long, the beams were delivered as super-size loads all the way from Laverton North.

This meant they were escorted all the way to Parkdale under traffic management and needed 2 cranes to lift and position them on top of the crossheads and piers which support the rail bridge. Once in place, 2 L-beams are stitched together with concrete to make a U-shaped trough which the rail track will run through.

We’re not done yet. This month we will continue to install the rail track and overhead structures, deliver and install the buildings for the new station precinct and continue to construct the retaining walls and abutments at each end of the rail bridge.

The boom gates at Warrigal and Parkers roads will be gone for good, and the new Parkdale Station will be open by early August 2024.

Level Crossing Removal Warrigal Road, MentoneParkers Road, Parkdale