We’re removing the level crossing at Parkers Road, Parkdale by building a rail bridge over the road and a new Parkdale Station with better facilities and more services.

This is part of the Victorian Governments efforts to upgrade the Frankston Line by removing 27 dangerous level crossings and building 17 new stations by 2030. Upgrades to this line will improve safety, reduce congestion, and allow more trains to run more often.

We’re creating new community open space including new trees and greenery, community gathering places and sporting and recreational facilities for the community to enjoy.

Removing this crossing will change how locals live, work and travel, and journeys on the Frankston Line will be faster and local roads safer.

Early works started in February, with major construction to begin mid-year. In 2024, the level crossing will be gone for good, and the new Parkdale Station will open, and the project will be complete in 2025.

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