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Latest Independent Environmental Audit summary report released

The latest Independent Environmental Auditor (IEA) report is now available, assessing how North East Link is complying with more than 100 environmental requirements.

The six-monthly report summarises IEA compliance audits between February and July 2021. The number of issues identified by the auditor has significantly decreased since the previous report – a strong sign that the contractor has worked to improve its environmental performance and the audit process is working as it should.

The latest six-monthly audit summary report has identified 21 issues, with one considered major, compared to 46 issues identified in the previous six-monthly audit summary report period.

At the same time as the number of issues decreased, construction on North East Link significantly increased. In the period of the audit, work crews have continued work relocating more than 34 kilometres of gas, water and sewer pipes and nearly 100 other utilities.  We’ve also made big strides on work to relocate a 1.8-kilometre section of the Yarra East Main Sewer out of the path of North East Link.

As a result of a previous IEA report, we’ve developed innovative digital technology to better protect and track tree canopy loss.

We have also introduced a tree tagging program for our early works program, to better identify which trees need to be protected and which removed.

Read the latest six-monthly Independent Audit Report and find out more about North East Link’s environmental policy.

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