Rail tunnel to be extended for North East Link

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Major works are underway to get ready for construction of the twin 6.5km North East Link Tunnels to fix the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network.

When North East Link is complete, the northern tunnel portal in Watsonia will seamlessly connect to the M80 Ring Road and Greensborough Bypass. A new interchange at Grimshaw Street will allow local traffic to pass over North East Link, creating safer and easier journeys to open spaces, local shops, schools and public transport.

As major works get underway, the rail tunnel beneath Greensborough Highway will need to be extended to make room for North East Link, which will be built over the Hurstbridge Line.

As part of this work, crews will perform track, signalling and equipment upgrades between Heidelberg and Greensborough stations to enable the rail tunnel extension.

A site compound is now being established in the vacant land between the Hurstbridge Line, Greensborough Highway and Grimshaw Street to support site investigation works, upgrades to the rail system and to build the extended rail tunnel.

North East Link works in the rail corridor are being planned in conjunction with Level Crossing Removal works to minimise disruption to Hurstbridge Line passengers.

For more information about the Hurstbridge Line Duplication visit https://bigbuild.vic.gov.au/projects/hurstbridge-line-duplication.

North East Link