Wollert Church relocation and restoration

The Wollert Methodist Church served the community as a place of worship for over 120 years. The building has a historic and social value for the City of Whittlesea. Its architecture expresses key characteristics of the Carpenter Gothic style, including timber cladding and lancet windows.

In May 2022, we relocated the Wollert Methodist Church to Carome Homestead in Mernda to make room for extra lanes at the Lehmanns and Epping roads intersection.

We worked with the City of Whittlesea and Working Heritage to protect and preserve its historic and social value.

The church has now been rebuilt and restored to its former glory, using traditional materials and finishes.

Now open to the public, the church will be managed by Working Heritage and again become a hub for the community to use – for generations to come.

This initiative was delivered as part of the Epping Road Upgrade. We're implementing legacy initiatives across Victoria to create long-lasting effects beyond the improvement of road infrastructures. Legacy projects aim to work collectively with local communities to reimagine and reinvent spaces that strengthen the connection between people and place.