The M80 Upgrade will widen the freeway, widen on and off ramps and install a new freeway management system along 38km of road from Laverton North to Greensborough.

The new system will include overhead electronic signs to communicate speed limits and lane availability, manage traffic flow and respond to incidents from the Princes Freeway to the Greensborough Highway.

The project will increase capacity, improve safety and create more reliable travel times for the 165,000 motorists who use this road each day.

To minimise disruption, the upgrade is being staged in sections.

We’ve now finished upgrading the section between Sydney Road and Edgars Road, which was completed a year ahead of schedule, opening to traffic in mid-2022.

M80 Project Overview Map - Sydney to Edgars Rd Completion

Completed sections

Sunshine Avenue to Calder Freeway

This section opened in September 2018 and widened the Ring Road, including:

  • 4 lanes in each direction, from Sunshine Avenue to the EJ Whitten Bridge and Calder Freeway
  • 5 lanes in each direction, across the bridge through to the Calder Freeway.

Edgars Road to Plenty Road

This section opened in April 2014 and included:

  • an additional lane in each direction, creating 3 lanes each way, plus an extra lane between interchanges
  • bridge widening and strengthening to carry the additional lanes
  • resurfacing works to create a safer driving environment
  • traffic lights on entry ramps
  • a new freeway management system.

Western Highway to Furlong Road and Sunshine Avenue

This section opened in August 2013 and included:

  • 2 extra lanes in each direction
  • widening and strengthening of the bridge over Furlong Road.

Calder Freeway to Sydney Road

This section opened in May 2013 and included:

  • widening the road to 3 lanes in each direction
  • reconfiguring of key interchanges
  • building 5 new bridges
  • new entry and exit ramps
  • widening 12 bridges
  • a new freeway management system.

Sydney Road to Edgars Road        

This section opened in mid-2022 and included:

  • adding new lanes in each direction between Sydney Road and Edgars Road
  • installing a smart freeway lane management system to better manage traffic flow
  • extending the Sydney Road on and off ramps to give drivers more time to merge
  • building new on and off ramps at Edgars Road to improve safety
  • improved access from the Hume Freeway to the M80 Ring Road and Edgars Road
  • installing ramp-metering technology to manage the flow of traffic onto the freeway
  • upgrading the cycling and pedestrian bridge.