We’re planning for a potential future interchange at Camerons Lane and the Hume Freeway in Beveridge.

We’re also undertaking a planning study focused on Minton Street and Beveridge Road, to determine if upgrades are needed to support the growth of the area and cater for future land use.

As part of our planning, we’re investigating potential solutions to:

  • cater for population growth and increased vehicle movements
  • unlock and support future urban development
  • improve access to and across the freeway
  • reduce traffic congestion and improve travel times
  • improve safety.

Planning and development

We’re currently undertaking planning and development work to inform the potential future Camerons Lane Interchange and a planning study along Minton Street and Beveridge Road. This includes traffic modelling, environmental and site investigations.

This will give us a complete picture of the area, allowing us to understand environmental impacts, develop design options, and confirm scope and costs of different options.

Our planning will build on the previous development work completed by the Department of Transport and Planning (VicRoads). We’ll review technical studies and designs previously developed and use these to inform our planning. We’ll also consider any recent changes in the area, including population growth.

A business case for the potential future Camerons Lane Interchange is currently being developed. The business case will provide a detailed examination of the potential interchange to help inform government decision-making.

Technical investigations

To help inform our planning, we’ll complete roadside technical investigations. At times, we may need to implement traffic control measures, including temporary lane closures, stop/slow traffic and reduced speeds. We’ll keep traffic disruption to a minimum and avoid busy periods.

Community feedback

From Monday 5 February to Sunday 25 February 2024, we sought feedback from the community to help inform our planning and shape the development of project options for a potential future interchange at Camerons Lane and the Hume Freeway.

We’ll share a summary of feedback received on Engage Victoria later this year.

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