Major works on the Donnybrook Road/Mitchell Street Improvement Project are now complete.

While the intersection was closed for 2 weeks in September 2023, we:

  • built a dedicated left turn lane for southbound travel onto the Hume Freeway
  • widened the on-ramp to the Hume Freeway
  • modified street lighting
  • modified traffic islands
  • resurfaced existing road.

Round-the-clock construction allowed us to complete 3 months’ worth of works in a little under 2 weeks.

During our works, we:

  • removed and recycled more than 5,000 tonnes of concrete and old road material
  • laid 3,500 tonnes of crushed rock to form the base for the new road surface
  • installed 450m of new concrete kerbs and gutters.


The project will:

  • reduce peak time congestion in the area and alleviate the queuing of traffic on Donnybrook Road and Dwyer Street
  • improve access to the Hume Freeway for motorists travelling west on Donnybrook Road via a dedicated left turn lane
  • provide safer, smoother journeys, with improved access for locals, commuters and freight operators.

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