Removing the Gap Road level crossing

The Gap Road level crossing is located in the heart of Sunbury and is a major source of congestion in the busy town centre. The project will free up Sunbury’s worst traffic bottleneck 2 years earlier than first planned, with the level crossing gone for good and the road re-opened to traffic by the end of 2022 and all work completed in 2023.

The boom gates at Gap Road can be down for up to 26% of the morning peak, when up to 24 trains run through the crossing. Current network plans involve increasing trains running on the Sunbury line, meaning more boom gate downtime in future.

Removing the level crossing with a road under rail design will:

  • mean less disruption to train services during construction
  • preserve the heritage-listed Sunbury Station.

Engineering and technical assessments undertaken in 2019 and early 2020 are informing the next steps of the design. Project planning approval was granted in April 2021, enabling works to begin.

The Gap Road level crossing will be the fourth to be removed on the Sunbury Line.

Design update

The Gap Road level crossing will be removed with a road under rail design – this will improve safety and ease congestion in the heart of Sunbury, especially when more trains run on the line in future.

We're also creating a new shared user path as part of the design that will be separate from the road, safely connecting pedestrians and cyclists to both sides of Sunbury.

The designs of the new rail bridge and road have been updated based on community and stakeholder feedback received during consultation in November last year.

The updated design will improve the experience – particularly at night – for pedestrians and cyclists with the removal of bridge footings that were originally planned to be built between the road and the footpath, improving visibility and security.

The new images show 2 traffic lanes and parallel dedicated pedestrian and cycle paths on either side of the road. The cycle lane is closest to the road so cyclists can transition between the path and the Gap Road/Station Street cycle lane (and wider Sunbury cycling network) without cutting across the pedestrian path.

Changes have also been made to the design of the retaining walls on either side of the road, with the cladding design extended further outwards from the rail bridge.

The design will emulate the colours and textures of the geological features of Sunbury and surrounding areas including the Organ Pipes National Park.