Achieving zero construction and demolition waste to landfill

The South Road upgrade is kicking goals when it comes to sustainability, with the project team diverting 100% of construction and demolition waste from landfill.

The team’s sustainable practices mean all construction waste is being taken to recycling facilities where it is processed to produce new products and materials.

In addition to diverting all waste from landfill, the team is using asphalt containing recycled material for the Nepean Highway, Bignell Road and East Boundary Road intersection upgrades.

Up to 40% recycled asphalt is being used in some layers of the road, and the drainage pipes are made from 100% recycled plastic, demonstrating the Victorian Government’s Recycled First Policy in action.

In Melbourne’s southeast, existing landfill sites are expected to reach capacity in 5 years so finding environmentally friendly alternatives is a priority for us, along with Negri Contractors who are working in partnership to deliver the project.

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