Women in Transport Scholarships

About the scholarships

Three scholarships up to the value of $30,000 each will be awarded each year from 2022 to 2024 for leadership development courses at Masters, Postgraduate and executive level, relatable to a transport and infrastructure area.

Scholarships are open to all women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people and all those who identify as women) employed by the Victorian Public Service (VPS) within the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) and its projects, or by the Department of Transport (DoT) and its associated agencies.

It’s part of the Department of Transport’s Women in Transport Strategy 2021-2024 and supports the strategic objective of improving access to employment and career advancement for women and people of diverse gender identities.

For more information, please read the WiT Leadership Development Scholarship Program Guidelines 2022-2024.

Application process

Applications open on Friday 4 March 2022.

Complete this form to apply

Applicants should provide a submission (1000 words max) which should address the following questions:

  1. What course have you identified and why
  2. How will your chosen course:
    • align to your career goals
    • enhance your leadership capability (how will this pitch you against your male counterparts)
    • benefit your team and wider organisation
    • link to the Victorian Government Transport Infrastructure programs, policies, or key priorities
    • set you up for success in the transport industry
  3. Is there a key piece of work, project or identified challenge/gap that you can address in your current role by completing this course?

Key dates

Further information

For additional information, please email witprograms@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

This program is run by the Level Crossing Removal Project – a project office of Major Transport Infrastructure Authority delivering Victoria's Big Build, on behalf of the Department of Transport.