Project design

Since 2018, we've been engaging with local residents and businesses to understand local traffic behaviours. As a result of feedback, the design now includes:

  • traffic lights to be installed at Thomas Mitchell Drive
  • access changes from Kanaru Court and Fairmont Court to Heatherton Road
  • easier access to Narrehills Family Church
  • removal of a U-turn on Heatherton Road to access the Heatherton Village shops, replaced with traffic lights
  • access changes to properties.

Shared user paths on both sides of Hallam North Road have been included as part of the project.

These and other project features can be viewed on the interactive map

Project approvals

Key approvals are in place for the Hallam North and Heatherton Road Upgrade.

The City of Casey Planning Scheme Amendment determined an Environmental Effects Statement was not required for this project. However, an Environmental Management Strategy (EMS) must be prepared in consultation with the City of Casey and to the satisfaction of the Minister for Planning.

Planning Scheme Amendment


Due to the topography of the area, we will need to remove some vegetation and install new retaining walls. At the completion of major works, we’ll plant new trees and shrubs.

We’re working through the retaining wall designs and what trees and shrubs will be planted. We’ll update you when these are finalised.