As part of the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade, we’re building a new bridge over Plenty River. The new bridge will feature 2 lanes in each direction, reducing congestion and improving connectivity to local services.

The existing bridge, one of the oldest bluestone bridges in Victoria, will become a shared walking and cycling path.

How we’re building the new bridge

Construction works on the new bridge started in late 2022 and are expected for completion later in 2023.

We have now completed steps 1 to 5.

Bluestone bridge over Plenty River

We started converting the bluestone bridge over Plenty River to a dedicated walking and cycling path.

Bridge beams in place on new bridge over Plenty River

Now that the new bridge over Plenty River is open with one lane in each direction, we’re continuing works to have all four lanes on the 68-metre bridge open later in 2024. We’ve also turned our attention to converting the existing bluestone bridge into a shared walking and cycling path.

The original bluestone bridge over Plenty River in Mernda was built in 1867.

The three-span bridge stood in its original form until 1975, when it underwent major rehabilitation to accommodate the increase in traffic demand and capacity.

Our works on the bluestone bridge will include:

  • removing the existing asphalt
  • building a new concrete deck while retaining the original heritage bluestone structure
  • upgrading the handrails
  • landscaping works.

When upgrade works to the existing bridge over Plenty River are complete, community members will be able to use safe, improved and effective active transport connections to Mernda Train Station and local businesses and amenities.

Frequently asked questions

Bridge photos

Works for the new bridge started in late 2022. The photos below capture our progress over the months.