Traffic lights are on

We've switched on the traffic lights at the Hallam North and Heatherton Road intersection.

The intersection was reopened three days early after two weeks of round the clock works where we removed the roundabout to transform the intersection into a signalised intersection. With the traffic lights switched on, motorists can now travel through the key intersection with one through lane and one right turning lane and one left slip lane.

During the closure we:

  • constructed new pavement, traffic islands, medians and crossings
  • installed traffic signals and signal controllers
  • completed electrical works including the installation of cables and wiring
  • completed temporary line marking
  • installed new signs.

This upgraded intersection will improve traffic flow as well as ease congestion in the area.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience while we carried out these important works.

Heatherton Village access change

During the intersection works, temporary access changes will be in place at Heatherton Village. Vehicles will be able to access Heatherton Village via the western entrance.

Heatherton Village Traffic Switch Map

Open for Business

You’ll still be able to visit your favourite shops at Heatherton Village and fuel up at Shell Coles Express and United Petroleum. Keep supporting your local businesses and look out for special offers and promotions.

Traffic changes on Hallam North Road

In July, we moved traffic onto the new lane on Hallam North Road between Heatherton Road to just north of the roundabout.

While these traffic changes are in place, the southern access to United Petroleum on Hallam North Road will be closed. Access will be through the northern driveway until these works are complete.


Major works are underway

We’ve put in place long-term traffic changes on Hallam North and Heatherton roads, including concrete safety barriers and temporary fencing. This ensures the continued safety of the community, road users and our workers throughout construction.

While we are full steam ahead with works at the Hallam North and Heatherton Road intersection, retaining wall construction and service relocations are still ticking along in the background. We’ve completed further earthworks, installed more concrete panels, continued to back fill areas with soil and sewer alignment works started last month.

Bus stop closures

Long-term bus stop closures on route 863

The bus stops on either side of Hallam North Road near Thomas Mitchell Drive will remain closed until further notice to allow us to complete the upgrade works safely. For further information, visit Public Transport Victoria or call on 1800 800 007.

Working hours

Most works will happen from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm, and on Saturdays between 7am and 1pm. Sometimes we may need to work at night or on weekends, when there’s less traffic on the roads. If nightworks are required, we’ll provide advance notice to residents and businesses who may be affected.


Noise from construction will vary depending on the type of activity being undertaken. If you’re close to our works, you may notice increased noise levels at times.

Some of the main sources of noise during construction include excavators and graders, piling rigs, generators, power tools, site workers and trucks delivering and transferring materials to and from our construction sites.

We’ll make every effort to minimise any impacts on local residents and businesses during these works by:

  • scheduling noisy activities in daytime construction hours
  • providing local residents and businesses with advance notice about any out-of-hours works
  • fitting machinery with engine noise reduction equipment
  • monitoring noise in areas adjacent to residential and commercial properties.


We’ll endeavour to maintain access to homes and businesses at all times. If access needs to be restricted we’ll notify residents and businesses regarding any future impacts.

Access changes

This upgrade includes changing access to some local side streets and driveways.

The changes will provide better connectivity and improve traffic flow and safety for all road users by reducing the likelihood and severity of crashes. Under the new design, permanent changes will be in place to provide safe turning options at nearby intersections.

We’ll provide residents with as much notice as possible about when the permanent changes will come into effect.